General Rules & Conditions of Ticket-sale.

Note, that visiting Piterland Water Park you should have a swimwear, a towel, swimming shoes (with non-slip rubber soles) with you. You can rent a towel in the Water Park (It costs 150 rubles). All this can also be bought in our special store on the territory of the Water Park!

Diaper age children must wear diapers. They can also be bought in our store.

The visitor has the right to be on the territory of the Water Park only during the opening hours of Piterland Water Park.

The visitor, buying a ticket to the Water Park at the chosen rate, is entitled to entrance and exit through the turnstile of the Water Park only once.

Not allowed to visit the Water Park:

1) People In the state of intoxication; with infectious, skin and other types of communicable diseases.

2) People, who have open cuts, bone fractures, medical and other bandages and band-AIDS.

A visitor who breaks these rules is fully responsible for that according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including financial responsibility – for damage caused to other Visitors.

3) People, under 18 years old, without accompanying adult person.

4) Guests in dirty clothes who may mess up other visitor’s clothes and their property, as well as the property of the Water Park.

It is forbidden to bring to the Water Park:

Weaponry and Inherently Dangerous Objects/Substances, as well as explosive and flammable, toxic and strong-smelling substances; alcoholic beverages, drugs.

Visitors are not allowed to bring food and beverages with damaged factory packaging (due to the inability to ensure proper storage of food in the Water Park).

There is unlimited and free access to drinking water (drinking fountains) at the Water Park.

In order to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, it is forbidden to eat and drink outside the bar, bistro (in the pools, on the sun loungers, in the area of lockers and locker rooms).

It is forbidden to enter to the Water Park with animals.

It is forbidden to bring glass containers and other dangerous items to the territory of the Water Park.

Only swimwear and swimming shoes are allowed in the pool area.


All prices listed on the site are provided as the background information and are not a public offer, they can be changed at any time without notice.

For more information about the prices, terms and conditions, please contact the specified phone numbers or the ticket office of the water Park.

Visitors under 18 years are not allowed to the territory of the water Park without accompanying person, who’s over the age of 18. The Аadministration of Piterland Water Park has the right to request a passport of a visitor or other identity documents.

Individuals, not following Water Park rules and safety instructions, will be subject to immediate ejection from the Water Park. 



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